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How do I create an AJRB Cloud Email account?
Last Updated 7 months ago

Context: You've just signed up to our cloud service, but you want to know how to provision an e-mail account for yourself, and how to access it.


  1. Visit our management portal here:
  2. Log in with the credentials that we provided you with at sign-up.
  3. In the E-Mail section of cPanel, click E-Mail Accounts:image

4. Click 'Create':


5. Enter the desired e-mail address, password and storage limit on the next screen, then click 'create' to complete.

You can then access your AJRB Cloud account via or you can connect your account to any major e-mail client using the following details:

Server: (replace this with your domain, but with the mail. prefix)

Username: your AJRB e-mail address

Password: the password you chose when you set up the account

Type of Account: IMAP

Ports: IMAP + SSL - 993

SMTP + SSL - 465

If your firewall blocks port 465, you may need to use Port 25.

If you require any assistance, contact our Support Team by e-mailing

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