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How do I apply an SSL Certificate to my website?
Last Updated 7 months ago

Context: If you are on an AJRB Infinity plan, or equivalent service, you may be offered FREE SSL Certificates! (If not, you can speak with us to upgrade your plan). SSL Certificates are a great way of improving your digital presence, as it shows that your website is secure and encrypted.


1) Login to your cPanel Account here:

2) Type SSL into the search box, then click 'SSL/TLS Status':


3) Tick the box of the domain(s) that you want to protect, then click 'Run AutoSSL':


Please be mindful that the process can take a few minutes to complete. Do not refresh the page while the process is running.

IMPORTANT: This will NOT work if your domain isn't pointing to our servers, so if you have been offered a free trial of AJRB Infinity, then this functionality will not work until you direct your domain name to our nameservers.

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